Affinity is our user-friendly admin interface for Mailman 3. It replaces the default Postorius admin interface that comes currently packaged with Mailman 3. We have found Postorius to be lacking in the principles of Modern interface design and it limited our ability to innovate. Affinity brings an intuitive approach to list management and will make both a list admin and list moderator tasks more easily accomplished and even more enjoyable.

Affinity is designed for 4 roles:

Server Owner. The server owner will be the role that adds the list domains that are used for the creation and use of Mailman 3 lists. This role will also have the ability to create list owners and mailing lists. The server owner board will provide a top down view of how many list domains, mailing lists, and list owners are set up on an Affinity powered Mailman 3 server.

List Owner. The list owner will be the role that is used to fully manage a Mailman 3 list. Upon login, the list owner will see a panel with all of the lists that they own. This panel will allow the list owner to easily select which list they want to manage. This role will also have the ability to assign users the moderator role. The list owner role will benefit the most from using Affinity. Due to the intuitive design of Affinity, list owners will easily be able to manage their mailing list settings and list members, and even perform moderator duties.

Moderator. This role will handle the moderation of incoming list messages, incoming subscription requests, and mail traffic from non-members. Upon login, the moderator will see all the lists that they are either a moderator of, a member of, or both. They will be able to easily enter the moderation panel for each list that they moderate and will immediately be notified by design cues of how many moderation requests they are dealing with. They will also handle the ban list for every list they moderate.

List Member. This role allows an Affinity user to manage their list subscriptions and to keep their user account up to date. Upon login, the Affinity user, will see a list of every mailing list they are subscribed to on the Affinity server. They will be able to easily change list specific settings such as enabling digest mode, temporarily disabling mail traffic, etc.

Initial Screenshots

Server Owner Overview:

List Owner Overview:

Moderator and List Member overview screenshots are coming soon.