We are rolling out a new Website Builder for clients who are looking for the simplicity of a drag and drop editor that allows the easy creation of a simple but beautiful looking website. For some clients, WordPress requires too much technical skills for them to comfortably take on. At the same time, they don’t really want to look at using some 3rd party site creation provider that doesn’t provide the full scope of what EMWD and cPanel provides. Well this website builder competes with the best of the commercial site-builder providers without the need to leave EMWD/cPanel behind. Best of all, for our shared hosting clients, it is included free in our already low monthly hosting fee.


  • an intuitive drag & drop website builder
  • easily add subpages; there are no size limits with Website Builder
  • create a full professional looking website or some landing pages for conversions
  • maintain your Website Builder website with easy editing
  • does allow for customization of html and css code
  • uses Bootstrap which is a CSS framework for design


Website Builder comes with dozens of templates to use. Over 500 Google fonts are also accessible through Website Builder. It also comes with pre-made content blocks, built-in modules, and it is responsive to both desktop and mobile browsers.
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SEO Functions
Files Manager
Ready-Made Content Blocks
Restaurant Menu
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Additional Features:

Social Media Integration
Events Calendar
YouTube Videos
Contact Form

Where Do I Find Website Builder?

Website Builder is accessible through cPanel. If you have an existing website already but you would like to try out Website Builder, then you should first create a sub-domain via cPanel. Once you do that, you can create a website using Website Builder on that sub-domain and it will not interfere with any existing web content you may have set up previously.

Additional Resources

Here are some links to get more information on Website Builder. The following links will take you to the developer’s website (this includes pricing information which our hosting clients should disregard – the use of Website Builder is free for our hosting clients). These following links are there for information only.

Additional Information of Website Builder Features

Online Demo