We are happy to announce the launch of our Mailman 3 shared hosting service. We are now offering mailing lists using Mailman 3, a next generation email list application in a shared environment. This allows us to charge on a per list basis and helps distribute the costs of using a mailing list.

Mailman 3 is a traditional mailing list application

Mailman 3 acts very much like a traditional mailing list. You can communicate with a MM3 list using email and it is still the primary means of interaction. It can be configured to be a discussion list. It can also be used as an announcement only or one-way list. However we feel MM3 really shines when used as a discussion list.

MM3 also supports digest modes and does provide archiving of list posts. It provides moderation control and DMARC mitigation just like MM2.

Mailman 3 is a modern forum application

Mailman 3 now supports communications with your list members via a browser. You can log into your Mailman 3 server, access any of your lists that you are subscribed to, and interact with them right from your browser. Postorius is the list interface of Mailman and allows you to manage your subscription or if you are the list admin, your list options, members/non-members, and archiving settings.

HyperKitty is the archiving section of Mailman 3 and will be where you post new topics and responses to existing topics. MM3 now provides a search feature of your archives. HyperKitty pages are also mobile friendly.

If you are registered with the MM3 server, you can view all of the MM3 lists you are subscribed to via Postorius. This gives you easy access to your lists without having to login to each individual list as you had to do with MM2.

Mailman 3 Pricing

Our pricing for a single MM3 list is $5 per month and a $10 setup fee. There is also a 1000 member limit on MM3 lists. Currently there are no non-profit discounts for our MM3 list hosting. You can order our MM3 list hosting here.