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What’s the difference between VPS and shared hosting? A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtualized machine, and its resources are yours 24/7, from SSD storage, to CPU resources, to RAM, including a dedicated IP address. This enables you to host anything you desire, from any web application you can think of, to a handful of websites, if you wanted to. You can also choose which of our 10 data centers makes the most sense for your application, so that most of your users can have the best possible experience. You can also pick from some of the most commonly used and most up-to-date enterprise-friendly Linux distributions for the foundation of your VPS. Even once fully provisioned for you, you will maintain full root access to your VPS to tweak and install whatever you wish.

Fast, Resilient, and Worldwide

Our VPS offerings also come with access to our DNS system, which is fast, resilient, and worldwide

Hosting VPS 1

$15.00 per month

  • Optimized Performance: Leveraging a dedicated CPU, ensuring that your website runs smoothly without any hiccups. You get consistent and reliable performance, no matter how many visitors you have.
  • Enhanced Speed with Memory Support: With 1 GB of memory, your website loads faster, providing an excellent browsing experience for your visitors.
  • Ample Storage for Your Needs: Our 25 GB SSD Disk Space ensures quick data retrieval and ample room for all your website’s content, from high-res images to expansive databases. SSDs offer up to 10x the speed of traditional hard drives!
  • Generous Data Transfer: With a whopping 1 TB of bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about your website’s traffic limits. Welcome thousands of visitors without any added stress on your website’s performance.

Hosting VPS 2

$25.00 Per Month

    • Consistent & Smooth Performance: Our dedicated CPU is tailored to handle all your web tasks seamlessly. Whether you’re running an online store or a blog, experience uninterrupted operations every time.

    • Double the Memory, Double the Speed: With a generous 2 GB of memory, witness blazing-fast website load times, ensuring your visitors don’t have to wait. It’s all about giving your audience the smoothest experience.
    • Store More, Worry Less: Featuring 50 GB of SSD Disk Space, our hosting offers you plenty of room to grow. Whether you’re uploading media-rich content or expanding your product range, we’ve got you covered. And remember, SSDs are renowned for their rapid data access speeds.
    • Stay Open to a World of Visitors: Get an impressive 1 TB of bandwidth, designed for businesses expecting a lot of traffic. Say goodbye to website downtimes during traffic surges and hello to satisfied customers!

Hosting VPS 3

$40.00 per month

  • Dual-Core Power: Benefit from the sheer strength of 2 CPUs. This ensures ultra-responsive and efficient operations, even during peak demands, keeping your site functioning at its best.

  • Quadruple Memory Advantage: With an expansive 4 GB of memory, see your website load in the blink of an eye. An instant response means happier visitors and potential customers.

  • Mega Storage, Zero Constraints: Dive into our massive 80 GB SSD storage space. Perfect for sites rich in multimedia, expansive databases, or those looking to scale bigger and faster. With SSD technology, access your data at lightning speeds!

  • Unmatched Traffic Accommodation: A monumental 4 TB of bandwidth means you’re set for massive traffic influxes. Whether you’re going viral, running a huge sale, or hosting a popular event, we ensure smooth sailing for every visitor.

Hosting VPS 4

$60.00 Per Month

  • Quad-Core Excellence: With 4 CPUs at your service, watch your website tackle high-demand tasks and traffic spikes with unparalleled ease. It’s about ensuring a premium, lag-free experience for every visitor.
  • Memory Powerhouse: Our 8 GB memory support ensures that every interaction on your website is swift and smooth. Faster load times translate to more engaged users and potentially higher conversions.
  • Boundless Digital Real Estate: A massive 160 GB SSD storage space awaits you. Ideal for sites hosting a wealth of multimedia, complex applications, or rapidly growing enterprises. Benefit from SSD’s swift data retrieval capabilities, making every click instantaneous!
  • Ready for the Spotlight: With a stellar 5 TB bandwidth allocation, your site is primed for viral moments, high-traffic events, or just consistent heavy traffic. Rest easy knowing your users will always have a seamless browsing experience.

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