We would like to introduce to you some friends of ours: 😀 😎 🥰 👽. These little emoticons have invaded our support ticket system. This is just a quality of life improvement that we have introduced to help our clients communicate better with our support staff.

Why Emoji?

Why not? We understand that Emoji are not a replacement for language but we do believe they are a complementary form of communication. So if an Emoji helps a client to communicate an emotion while reaching out for technical support then we think that is good. If a client wishes to criticize us for something, then using an Emoji can soften the blow. Or if they wish to convey a positive feeling towards us, then using an Emoji can significantly enhance that action.

Ok, Where Can I find these Little Beasts?

I am glad you asked. When you open up a ticket via your client area, you will find a new item on the task bar. It’s a little round smiley face and if you click on it, a bright and colorful new world of communication possibilities will open up to you. Just choose an appropriate little icon and it will be inserted automatically in your support ticket. Please remember that our support techs have feelings to so please try to use these Emoji in a positive manner if possible.

Some Screen Shots to Help Find Them


We hope you find this new change helpful. 👋 or bye for now!