EMWD.com is always committed to providing the best user experience we can to our clients. Since our billing app is one of the chief areas in which our clients interact with us, we want to make sure our billing app is meeting our clients’ needs.

In a recent update of our billing app, we have added support for multiple credit cards along with a whole host of improvements to the checkout and payment experiences of our clients. We are also please to announce that we have moved to a Tokenization Gateway to provide better security for those who use a credit card to pay for our services.

Multiple Pay Methods

The Multiple Pay Methods functionality allows our clients to have more than one credit card saved and available to use during checkout. Each pay method also allows our clients to set a description that helps them identify it.

There is a new UI in the client area for managing pay methods saved for a client. Here is what it looks like:

To recap, this new functionality enables customers to:

  • Add multiple credit cards to their client profile
  • Give each saved card a description to allow for easier recognition and identification
  • Use any of their saved pay methods when checking out or paying an invoice
  • Edit/update/delete a saved payment method at any time
  • Set a default payment method to be used for automated recurring billing

Tokenization Gateway

So what is tokenization? Tokenization is the process of taking sensitive data as input such as credit or debit card numbers and returning a “token” that represents that sensitive data as output. EMWD stores the token which is a unique pointer to that data, but has no means to decrypt the data. So a credit card can be stored securely and referred to for processing a transaction, but the data cannot be stolen or decrypted with only the token. If tokens are stolen by a hacker, they are useless because they do not contain any cardholder data. The concept behind tokenization is remarkably simple: Data thieves can’t steal what isn’t there.

There is a tremendous benefit in the use of tokenization. Tokenization allows the data to be stored by our PCI-DSS certified merchant gateway provider (Authorize.net) as opposed to being stored by EMWD at the local level. Tokenization provides the ability to process recurring transactions without the risk of storing card numbers locally. On a recurring transaction, EMWD passes the token back to Authorize.net and Authorize.net then looks up the token and generates a transaction based on the cardholder data associated with that token.

This move to using a tokenization gateway provider (Authorize.net) reduces our liability and increases the security of your credit card data by storing it in an environment that has far more security requirements to meet due to them being a gateway provider.

We hope our clients appreciate these recent updates. As always, if you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to reach out to use via our support ticket system. Our support ticket system is accessible via your client area.